Sweet Delights

What do you get when you mix one of my mothers world famous peanut butter balls and an orange chocolate angel food cake made by my daughter? One sweet delectable dessert to die for.


Mom has always made a batch of peanut butter balls for my brothers, myself and our families for Christmas. These little spheres of peanut butter dipped in chocolate are so good you want to eat them all in one sitting. But we don’t dare since we no there won’t be anymore until next Christmas. We all have the recipe but any attempt to make them just doesn’t turn out like moms so we don’t even try. Must be the extra mom love that only she can add. Oh yea, and dad gets credit for assisting.



Happy Snap, Crackle & Pop 2012

What’s a new years day celebration without a few fireworks? Most people give serious consideration to what their new years resolutions should be. We deliberate on how many leftover fireworks are needed to demolish a gingerbread house built just for Christmas. The verdict. Many.

Happy New Year!