Life’s An Adventure. Live It!

A favorite quote of Nancy’s has stuck with us ever since hearing it many years ago and I’d like to think that we’ve adopted it as our life’s motto.

“It’s not the years in your life that count, but it’s the life in your years.”

When President Lincoln shared this tidbit of advice with all of us many years ago he was encouraging folks to get out and participate in life and not just merely exist.  That is why over the last several years we have made it our mission to create “experiences” for the family by getting out and being active and exploring life. These events I feel create lasting memories that can be looked back on, laughed at and enjoyed for years to come.  Far more treasured than merely existing and becoming smothered by the stuff we accumulate.

As both Nancy and I get ready to turn 50 over the span of the next twelve months we’ve decided to use that time to explore and do 50 things that we have not gone and done or seen before.  Probably one of the biggest events we’ve challenged ourselves to participate in is the Bike Across Kansas bicycle trip. Our youngest, Kristina has also taken up the invite and will make the trip with us as well as some friends from church.  It’s a seven-day journey starting on the Kansas / Colorado border and ending at the Kansas / Missouri border 475 miles away.


2011 Bike Across Kansas

There are many sights to see along the way. We’ll explore 8 small town communities that we have the privilege of spending the night at as well as several other Kansas communities we’ll be passing through.  We’re looking forward to spending time with friends and make new ones as we take on this journey.  So watch for future posts and updates as we share with all of you

I leave you with this challenge.  Get out and explore. Create and share experiences.

Life’s an adventure. Live it!


3 thoughts on “Life’s An Adventure. Live It!

  1. and the other 2 daughters will be waiting, with phone in hand, to pick up said parents (aka mom) to take them to a real shower… muhahaha

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